We are a small independent family business started from a passion for creating items for our own home. We love taking an old piece of wood giving it a new lease of life and repurposing it into something new to create beautiful rustic looking furniture.  We specialise in using reclaimed scaffold boards to create anything from shelves to dining tables and everything in between. 

We have a range of products that are available in our shop but are also able to make bespoke furniture to your specifications and requirements. 



Our furniture is made using carefully selected reclaimed scaffold boards each of which is bustling with character. Each scaffold board is unique in its own right with many imperfections, twists, nicks, knots, nail holes and other features gained from its working life and we think that this is what makes the finished product so beautiful and interesting.


All boards used are prepped, sanded, waxed and polished to a light sheen to produce a smooth and attractive finish although care is taken during this process to ensure that we leave the natural character of the boards. The last thing we want is an end product that looks like its been made from new wood!

All furniture is made to order so we are able to tweak dimensions to your specifications if you require. Whether its a custom desk for a bay window or a 3metre long table for your café or pub we are able to accommodate almost any request! For more information check out our SHOP or FAQ section of the website.