Frequently asked questions

How long will my order take to be made?

All products are made to order and therefore we aim to complete and deliver you order within the following timeframes: Shelving and other small items - 2 - 3 weeks Tables, desks and other large furniture 3 - 4 weeks Bespoke furniture - lead time to be agreed dependant on complexity Some accessories may be available for delivery within 1 week. Please ensure you have checked the product description on your chosed item(s). We will contact you to let you know when we expect your item to be shipped or when it is planned for local delivery.

Is delivery included?

For all orders we offer free local delivery within 30 minutes of CH7 5 (Mold). If you are outside of this area then items can be delivered by courier. For all large items such as tables, benches and desks delivery and assembly are included free of charge within 30 minutes of CH7 5 (Mold, N. Wales). For all deliveries of large items outside of this area then these will be delivered via courier which will be calculated at checkout. For all large items delivered by courier some assembly will be required. Please ensure you have checked the additional information on your chosen product(s).

Can you make my item to size

Of course we can... if you have specific length in mind that isnt available then please let us know when you complete your order. For example if you require a shelf of 76cm then please order 3ft (90cm) and specify the exact size at checkout. Please note that are some limitations on sizes that are available for some items so do contact us to discuss if you something very specific is required.

Are all products that you can offer listed on the website?

Unfortunately we are not able to list every variation of a product that is available so if there is something thats caught your eye but the dimensions dont quite meet your specifications or your looking for something a little different then please contact us. As each item is made to order we are more than happy to build to your specifications.

What do you mean by reclaimed boards?

All reclaimed scaffold boards that are used have failed inspection and are no longer fit to use on scaffolding. Its fair to say that the boards at this point in some cases have had a hard life! Every board we use is different and some boards that we have will have limited marks from their working life however others may have cut marks, nail holes, indentations and paint marks. Whilst all the boards are sanded and smoothed we take care not to remove the character so you may find the boards on your chosen product have some or all of the above. If this isnt for you then you may be better looking at other options for your furniture such as asking us about new timber or if you have specific requirements with regards to what you like and don't like then please let us know at checkout.

What colour will my boards be?

The finished colour of every board will be different as each scaffold board responds differently to the wax. We try our best where possible to select shorter items from the same board to reduce variation If, however, you are having a larger item this becomes more difficult and therfore there may be some diffrences in tone between each board used. We do have a selection of wax colours available to choose from which you can specify at checkout and shown in the image below. Antique pine is by far our favourite colour to work with as we feel this brings out the best of the character in the wood as the dark wax penetrates all the little nicks and marks and brings them to life. That being said; We do understand that everyone has their own preferences and taste and therefore we kindly ask that you specify any preferences at checkout.

What are the differences between the finishes on the furniture legs/ feet?

Bare steel - The steel is left completely untreated with areas of the steel flatted back to a 'shiny' finish after the welding process when they are produced. Over time these legs will show some light signs of oxidisation on the surface if they are exposed to water but this adds to the character. Any oxidisation can easily be limited by a light wipe over with a little bit of wd40 or you can add a metal wax for protection. Powder clear coated - A clear matt laquer is proffesionally applied to the steel to effectively give a protective layer. This does give a smoother more finished look than bare steel but still retains the same character. Powder coated - Proffesionally spray painted. Powder coating gives a long lasting, durable, quality finish. for box steel legs the only available colour is matt black however our hairpin legs have a variety of different colour options to choose from.

Can you make me a bespoke item?

Of course we can... if you have an idea of what you are after then please contact us and we will be more than happy to help and discuss those ideas before providing a quote. Whether its a desk or table to fit a specific space or something a little out of the oridnary we would love to hear from you!